The Business Venture Give Away aims to promote economic empowerment for the B40 group with income hardship by developing a business venture, fostering entrepreneurship skills, funding, and coaching.


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Executive Summary

The Business Venture Give Away aims to promote economic empowerment for the B40 group with income hardship by developing a business venture, fostering entrepreneurship skills, funding, and coaching. This program aligns with SDG 8-1 and 8-3, SDG 10-1, and SDG12-1 and 12-8 ensuring inclusive and equitable growth. By targeted the group of B40 in Terengganu, this program surely will provide them with knowledge, tools, and assistance to set up, launch, and run their enterprises, promoting economic empowerment, poverty reduction, and long-term socioeconomic growth. The holistic approach includes specialized training programs, one-on-one mentoring, and access to financial resources. The B40-targeted business venture Give Away is expected to have a significant impact on the local economy and social welfare.

Project Background 

The project of Business Venture Give Away aims to fill SDG gaps by promoting entrepreneurship with precise aims to combat poverty and inequality by developing a business venture and providing customized help and resources. It focuses on economic empowerment for the selected B40 group who are really need to be supported financially by promoting entrepreneurial skills, finance, and mentorship. It aligns with SDGs 1, 8-1 and 8-3, 10-1 and 12-1 and 12-8 and aims to leave no one behind, ensuring inclusive and equitable growth for a better standard of living. The program aims to fill SDG gaps by inspiring entrepreneurship and fostering successful enterprises. In a result, this project will surely support sustainable development and poverty reduction, promoting long-term economic stability, reducing social assistance reliance, and income diversification, all in line with SDGs 1 and 8.

Business Venture Give Away is a comprehensive business venture development program designed for hardship household in launching and growing their own businesses. The program aims to empower individuals with limited resources and opportunities to have a better life with permanent income and has a successful venture.


 Participants will be equipped with critical entrepreneurial skills and information, such as business planning, market research, financial management, and marketing techniques.

 Access to seed funds and other finance choices to help with the early phases of business development and expansion.

 To help participants through the start-up process, provide personalized mentorship and coaching from seasoned entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

 Create chances for participants to network and collaborate in order to connect with possible investors, consumers, and business partners.

 Create a friendly environment that supports participants' creativity, resilience, and knowledge-sharing.

Program Components:

 Entrepreneurship seminars: An intense series of seminars on subjects such as company ideation, market analysis, business modelling, and financial planning. 

 Successful candidates will be matched with experienced mentors who will give one-on-one supervision, advice, and support throughout the programmes.

 Participants will have access to resources such as co-working locations, technical assistance, legal counsel, and company growth tools.

 Investor propose Day: A final event in which participants propose their company ideas to a panel of investors and possible partners in order to acquire extra money and assistance.

 Networking Events: To link participants with prospective consumers, collaborators, and industry professionals, regular networking events and industry-specific meetups will be organized.

 Impact Assessment: The programmes will undertake periodical assessments to assess the program's impact on participants' enterprises and general socioeconomic growth.


"Business Venture Give Away" will collaborate with Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, industry associations, government agencies of Terengganu, and corporate partners to leverage their expertise, resources, and networks. The program will also seek support from philanthropic organizations and impact investors who share the vision of promoting inclusive entrepreneurship.

Expected Impact:

o Enable a diversified collection of entrepreneurs from low-income neighbourhoods.

o Develop a pipeline of successful and long-term start-ups.

o Increase job possibilities and economic growth in the region.

o Encourage an entrepreneurial and innovative culture.

o Make a long-term difference by cultivating a new generation of resilient, socially conscious, and successful entrepreneurs who will contribute to their communities' economic growth and development

Dana yang ingin dikumpulkan adalah sebanyak RM 181200  . 90% daripada dana yang disumbangkan ini akan digunakan untuk memenuhi keperluan untuk menjalankan projek/penyelidikan/aktiviti ini. 10% daripada jumlah yang disumbangkan akan dimasukkan ke dalam tabung endowment penyelidikan UniSZA. Dana ini akan dilaburkan dan keuntungan yang bakal dijana akan digunakan untuk mendanai aktiviti penyelidikan UniSZA pada masa akan datang

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